Super Easy Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Super Easy Guitar Lessons For Beginners

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Learning the guitar has never been easier! Super Easy Guitar Lessons for Beginnerstakes a progressive approach to guitar education. Each of the book's 20 lessons builds on the previous lesson, using familiar songs and melodies to reinforce the material.

By the time you finish the book, you'll be able to play songs, read music, play simple scales and chords, and pick or strum some of the most popular songs in music history!

This book's 20 easy-to-accomplish lessons feature guitar tab, simple chord charts and scale diagrams, extra-large music staffs and letter notes, and audio tracks so anyone—regardless of skill level or age—can quickly jump into the world of guitar playing!

With just a few minutes of practice each day, you'll learn:

  • Music Reading
  • Basic Chords
  • Simple Scales
  • Essential Rhythms
  • Chord Strumming
  • Picking Techniques
  • Popular Songs
  • And Much More!

Guitar instructor and author Kirk Tatnall presents the easiest way to learn guitar! This is the ultimate guitar book for adult beginners and kids!

With each lesson, you'll get:

  • A popular song to play
  • Extra-large music staffs
  • Large print music notes with letters (note names)
  • Chord Charts
  • Scale Diagrams
  • Downloadable and streamable audio tracks

FREE: Access to instant audio downloads from Troy Nelson Music’s website is included.

BONUS: Includes customer support! Questions during practice? Just email us, and we'll happily help you.

ABOUT KIRK TATNALL:Since he was just three years old, Milwaukee-area guitarist Kirk Tatnall has been chasing music via his favorite vehicle: the guitar. In addition to authoring instructional books, Kirk continues to perform, compose, record, and release original music, teach guitar and bass, and lend his playing to other artists and various commercial music sessions.

Since 2016, Troy Nelson Music has offered customers the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow lesson books and songbooks for a variety of instruments—everything from guitar and mandolin to guitar, saxophone, and clarinet. With 30+ years in the music publishing industry, veteran guitarist Troy Nelson has sold hundreds of thousands of books as both an author and publisher due to the quality and effectiveness of his books and the service his company provides.