“When someone asks me where to go for guitar lessons I always recommend Kirk Tatnall. He’s a great musician, can play just about any style of music really well, and has authored several excellent publications for Hal Leonard.”
—Jeff Schroedl Executive Vice President Hal Leonard Corporation, Altered Five Guitarist

I have had the good fortune of studying guitar with Kirk Tatnall. He can play anything, and his instruction method is a blast! I can't recommend him enough to any player at any level!
-Willy Porter

Kirk was my very first guitar instructor when I started playing more than 15 years ago. I am now a professional guitar player in New York and consider guitar and music my passion in life. I owe a lot to Kirk for inspiring me as a young guitarist. I would highly recommend taking his guitar lessons. Not only is he an exceptional teacher, but a great cat and a seriously awesome guitar player!
-Aki Ishiguro

Kirk is a great teacher for students at any level of playing. There is always something he can teach you, and it is evident from the care and attention he puts into his lessons. I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking instruction in guitar.
-Chris Newlin (Jazz Guitarist, The Heroes Lie)

I've been playing rock and blues guitar for many years, but I have always realized that there's more to learn about music. I play almost every weekend between my cover band at clubs, festivals, and events, and my Church band. I've been able to apply what I'm learning from Kirk into my performances every week. I went with some friends to see Kirk play in Alpha Transit last winter. I hadn't seen him play live in a band before, and I was blown away with his techniques and skill level. That sparked me to start taking lessons from him a few months ago. I wanted to learn more about theory and to elevate my skills, and I knew Kirk was the guy. He is helping me raise my game. And I'm getting even more out of lessons than I expected. It's been awesome! I'm learning jazz improv, music theory, new blues and rock techniques, cool tricks, music appreciation, and more. Kirk is a great teacher and very fun to learn from. A true professional. It's also a blast for me to also watch him perform solo, and in Alpha Transit, and Group Therapy. I can see and hear what he's teaching while it comes to life. I totally recommend Kirk for professionals to intermediate to beginner musicians. Give him a try!
-Mitch Mitchell (Blacktop Kings, Fox River Praise Band)

I studied under Kirk for 2 years and it was awesome. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to either start playing guitar or if you just want to up your game. Kirk helped me become a professional player, and I owe him alot. He's patient, and his knowledge of the guitar and music in general is neverending. I wish I lived closer to him because I would still be taking lessons from Kirk...
-Ricky Waggoner (Nashville Guitarist)

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Michael K
Kirk is very educated in music theory and can answer pretty much any question you have about playing the guitar (paired with him being a very skilled guitarist aswell!) Been going here for about two years now and couldn’t have picked a better teacher. 5 stars.

Tyra H
My teenage daughter is loving her guitar instruction! Kirk knows how to move her forward each week - giving clear explanations, positive feedback and the appropriate amount of challenge. He tailors instruction to the individual student and she is already working on a Beatles tune (her selection). Highly recommend Kirk Tatnall!

Michael M
Kirk is a wonderful, kind, caring instructor that is in tune to his students (pun intended). He has taught me a lot in such a short time, and I have no hesitations recommending him as a guitar instructor.

Brett M
After playing for many year without taking lessons, I decided that I was in a rut and needed a better understanding of theory to get to the next level. I've only taken a few lessons from Kirk so far, but he's been able to take my experience and help me start building a better understanding of theory and how to start applying it to my playing. He's a good instructor, he's very easy going and knows how to transfer musical ideas. I'm looking forward to working more with him in the future.

Chris J
Kirk is a phenomenal musician and teacher. Highly recommend him. My daughter and I both take lessons with Kirk. He tailors each lesson to the student, is a good listener, and it is clear that he loves what he does.

Melissa E
Kirk is great and so much fun to learn from! From my experience he seems like a great teacher for all levels and skill sets. I would definitely recommend him.

Joe R
I am so glad I found Kirk. Not only is he a freakishly good guitar player but he explains things very well. He's a great teacher, had a fantastic sense of humor and makes a great mentor. I've improved so much even through just 2 lessons. I'll keep coming back!

Amanda H
I’ve been a long time lover of music so when I decided to start learning the guitar seriously, I started researching guitar instructors around me. I chose Kirk because in the reviews online for his lessons they said that he is a great guitarist, that he has a positive attitude and that he is patient with his students. And after 3 months of taking lessons from Kirk I couldn’t be happier! Kirk is all those things and more! Even though I haven’t been taking lessons for that long Kirk has already helped me improve/advance so much as a guitarist! It’s nice to be taught by someone who is passionate about their work! I would absolutely recommend Kirk to anyone and everyone who wants to learn the guitar!

Mark K
My kids had such a great time with lessons that I started to take lessons as well. We all have different taste in music, and different styles of learning, Kirk can tailor the lessons to each of our individual styles.

Jason B
Our son, J, loves going to lessons with Kirk. J can be a real talker some times and Kirk is great at both listening to and refocusing J on the lesson material. We've enjoyed seeing and hearing the progress he's made since beginning lessons with Kirk.

Shayna B
Kirk is wonderful with my son. So patient and a very talented teacher. We are so happy that we found him.

Kirk is the best! Always willing to work with students on their guitar goals as well as suggest tips, tricks and lesson plans to improve their skills. Also, he can pretty much play anything!

Kevin D
You know you gave a great instructor when your disappointed the lesson is over. Kirk is extremely talented and knowledgeable and will make u a better musician.

Jennifer W
Kirk is a very knowledgeable, patient teacher. I highly recommend him for any level of experience!!

Zak K
I took lessons from another instructor for about 2 1/2 months and was not happy with the pace of the lessons as well my instructors lack of engagement. I did my research and decided to switch teachers and go with Kirk, and it was the best move I ever made! Not only is Kirk a super nice guy, but he is enthusiastic, complimentary and has a great way of motivating and relaying musical concepts to someone like myself, who has no background with the guitar. These last couple months with Kirk have been fantastic. I find myself excited for class every week and I cannot wait to continue my journey with Kirk en route to accomplishing my musical goals.

Max K
I've been taking lessons for the last 4 years and have had a blast each and every lesson. Great atmosphere and very knowledgeable on all guitar related topics. It's a bummer I can only go up to 5 stars because he deserves much more than that.

Mark S
Kirk is a very talented guitarist and, even more importantly in terms of learning from him, he is also a very talented teacher. He is a very patient and enthusiastic instructor. I had been playing guitar for years before starting lessons with Kirk, but he has helped me make gains that I could not have made on my own. Thanks, Kirk!

Darin G
Kirk is a great teacher who takes the time to thoroughly explain the concepts of the lesson. Within any lesson he tries to mix things that are more easily attainable for the student with things that present enough of a challenge to help the student improve. Great Teacher!!

Art D
I've been taking lessons from Kirk for the past 9 months. I'm not a beginner, but had picked up a lot of bad habits before I started taking lessons again. Kirk has really helped me to improve my technique on the way to becoming a better guitarist. In addition to being a great person, Kirk is an excellent teacher who provides just the right level of challenge to keep things interesting. I highly recommend him.

Jeff Z
Kirk is an awesome teacher. He is very enthusiastic and it is evident he loves playing the guitar. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get better at playing the guitar (from entry level through advanced skills). He makes learning an instrument fun!

Graham N
Kirk is a very talented guitarist and an even better teacher!

Jennifer J
Kirk is patient, friendly, meets you where you are. My son took lessons with Kirk for nearly two years. We have had to take a hiatus due to crazy schedules but hope to come back. My son always loved going to lessons and for a 10 year old, that says something! Kirk never made him feel bad about not practicing as much as he could have (despite my nagging), instead kindly encouraged him where he was. We're planning to come back.

Vicki D
Would highly recommend Kirk! We've had an Excellent experience with him. He's a great communicator and a fantastic teacher!

Gabby M
Kirk is an amazing teacher who really makes you feel welcome along with helping you learn how to improve and learn how to play guitar. A great thing that he does is not only teach you songs from a book, but also can write sheet music for any song that you want to play from sites like YouTube and so on. I really enjoy learning guitar from him, and would recommend him to anyone.

Joe C
I tried to teach myself guitar using dvd's and youtube videos with limited success. Nothing can beat learning one on one with a great teacher!

Christina T
I'm in my 20's and a beginner-level guitar player. Kirk is patient and encouraging and never makes me feel bad or not good enough. Definitely recommend!

Sam S
I've taken lessons from Kirk for over 10 years and I can say that he is a skilled artist and an amazing teacher. I would highly recommend Kirk to anyone looking to take up guitar!

Anna H
I can't imagine a better instructor than Kirk. For starters, he is a fountain of musical knowledge and expertly weaves this deeper understanding of music within each lesson. His passion for guitar is undeniable and infectious. Lessons are catered to the student's needs, abilities and aspirations with an emphasis on making sure fun is always had! Super patient, kind and easy to work with. You can stop looking for any other teachers now! Thanks, Kirk!

Kooper G
I've had a handful of guitar teachers, but Kirk was hands down the best teacher I ever had. Kirk is extremely friendly, patient, and supportive, which makes for a good teacher for any level guitarist. He is an experienced musician and definitely knows his stuff about guitar and music in general. He is able to tailor your lessons to exactly the topics you want to focus on. I went in to my lessons looking to learn more about music theory and improvising and Kirk gave me dozens of supplemental materials and exercises towards what I wanted to learn. I would definitely recommend Kirk if you are looking for a teacher in the Milwaukee area!

Molly D
Kirk has great teaching methods that make learning guitar easy and fun. He breaks songs and techniques down into manageable pieces, and is a very patient with students. I would highly recommend him!

Skye M
Kirk is by far the best guitar teacher I've ever had - lessons are great value and a benefit to anyone, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player! Highly recommended!

Joe P
Kirk is the man! My 9 yr old son loves going to guitar practice and I've seen improvements every week.

Joe M
My son has been taking guitar from Kirk for the past year or two and we've seen his skills really take off this year under Kirk's instruction. Kirk is very easy to work with, good with young people like my son (13), accommodates changes to our crazy schedules when he can, and is a great guy.

Kevin G
Simply put Kirk is the man! Great musician and awesome teacher. Recommend to anyone of any age.

Elizabeth E
I made the decision to take guitar lessons later in life - taking on a new endeavor as an adult learner can be difficult. Kirk has been patient, fun and supportive as I learn this new skill. He guides me with his expertise in a way that speaks to my learning style - the key to a great instructor!

Kirk's an excellent teacher, he knows a variety of music styles and can teach any level of player.

I decided to take up the guitar as an adult. I don't think I could have found a better teacher. Kirk has a natural ability to teach while being totally positive. I always leave my lesson feeling good about my future with the guitar. It's also cool to go see your teacher play at the local clubs. Great player, even better teacher and just a really nice guy.

My son absolutely loves taking lessons from Kirk! I appreciate how he tailors the lessons to accommodate my son's musical interests and learning style. He keeps things positive and fun, while challenging him to grow as a musician.

I have known Kirk Tatnall for a long time and we studied music together way back in 88 at MATC under Jack Grassel. Throughout the years I have watched Kirk develop his skills to become a stellar musician. Kirk can pretty much play any style of music while keeping his main focus on Jazz. In fact, I just bought his book to broaden my playing and I have to say it’s helping me a lot. If you’re already a good guitar player, Kirk can definitely take you to the next level.

I have no musical background, but having taken several months of lessons from Kirk, I feeling comfortable and confident in playing guitar and reading music. Kirk's teaching methods are easy-going and fun. I will certainly continue to take lessons from Kirk.

Kirk is a great guy and super easy to work with! I'm not a beginner and he took the time to figure out what the weak points were in my playing and address them. It took a couple of lessons but we figured it out and now I'm on the way to being a better player.

Kirk's great! Good exercises that build technique while developing a feel for how it applies musically.

Kirk is an extremely talented yet humble musician whose passion for music makes each lesson incredibly enjoyable. I have learned so much from him and would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn guitar! He will teach you anything you want to know about guitar. Lessons are always fun and interesting. My guitar skills have come a long way in a short period of time thanks to Kirk!

I bought your last book "Jazz Guitar Chord Thesaurus" and I think it's one of the best book on jazz chords for guitar, and also is very simple to read. Thanks a lot for the book, you are a great teacher.

I've been playing on and off for a few of years, so I already had a basic understanding of playing before I started. Kirk is excellent at understanding my current skill level, filling in the gaps when needed but also move on quickly when I already understand. Lessons are a good mix of fundamentals and playing music.

I have been a student of Kirk Tatnall for almost a year. Lessons are fun, and challenging. Kirk has a way of 'pulling great guitar riffs' out of me which is a real motivator! I enjoy his teaching style-laid back but yet assertive. I have total respect for him as he is true music lover and can play anything well. Kirk is authentic with respect to playing out-he does solo gigs as well plays with his Group Therapy band-both are great musical options for a night out. I've had 2 other instructors over the years and Kirk has shown me many mechanical mistakes that I was making that has really helped. Lesson time is almost my favorite 30 minutes I spend each week.

My 10 year old son has been taking lessons since last summer and his progression has been nothing short of amazing. Most important to me is the fact that Kirk lets my son drive the lesson by describing what songs/music he likes and has been playing on his own. Kirk takes that and then ties that back to his lesson book and makes sure my son continues to build the skills he'll need to progress to the next level. We started with a 30 minute lesson and my son begged for 1 hour lessons...which fly by every week.

Kirk is an awesome teacher! Makes you feel comfortable and excited to learn. I would recommend anyone who wants to learn guitar take lessons from Kirk!

FINALLY!!! This is the chord method book I have been waiting for. Thanks for coming up with a concise and user friendly approach regarding jazz chords. Great layout and wonderful stuff at the end putting it all together on some standards. This is one of those few method books that I will actually devour and hope to see some result from.
Well done & looking forward to more instructional books from you,
Chris Dimond
Guitar Instructor at West Music (Coralville, IA)

Kirk's guitar instruction has been extremely rewarding and enjoyable. He is a phenomenal guitarist with a thorough understanding of music theory, but also displays great patience in his education. He is always positive and uplifting even if I am having a frustrating day with my guitar skills. I would recommend Kirk's instruction for anyone looking to enhance their guitar skills, whether picking the guitar up for the first time or looking to improve advanced playing techniques. Overall, he has been a tremendous help for me in reaching my guitar goals!

I have been taking lessons with Kirk for the past several months and I have been very pleased with the quality and thought that Kirk puts into his lessons. He has done a very good job at advancing my guitar playing skills in terms or rhythm and music theory. Kirk is a very good guitar player himself and puts a lot of effort into making his students better players. I would recommend Kirk to all guitar players of all different skill levels.

Kirk is the rare musician that can not only play (and he's one of the best in the city), but he can also teach. I was truly honored to send my daughter to learn from him. He is very positive with his students, as well as patient. He pushes them, but also makes sure he let's them learn at a comfortable pace. My wife and I highly recommend Kirk as an instructor.

My son loves going to his lesson every week! Kirk is a great musician and a patient teacher who makes guitar fun. Would highly recommend him.

Kirk is an awesome guitarist and as my teacher he balances teaching important elements of guitar with keeping it interesting and fun for me to learn.

My 16 year old son takes guitar lessons with Kirk. I strongly recommend him but what speaks even louder is that my son recommends him. As a parent I love that his lesson schedule is online and I can pay for lessons online. Kirk is very positive and motivating with his students. My son **wants** to practice which has been reflected in his quickly developing playing skills.

I'm fairly new to guitar and started with different instructor a few years back and then played on my own. A friend of mine was taking lessons from Kirk and recommended him. I tried him and have never looked back. He keeps the learning experience fun but challenging and will adapt to your specific needs. The best complement that I can give is from my wife. When she said that she could now recognize what I'm playing and willing comes into the room when I'm practicing says volumes about Kirk's teaching skills. He has really improved my playing in a short amount of time. Kirk is a great teacher and very fun to learn from. A true professional, I would highly recommend Kirk to anyone looking to learn guitar. You also need to see him play live in his various bands. Very entertaining and a great musician.

Kirk Tatnall is by far the best instructor I have ever learned from! He is extremly passionate about his music and his job! I would reccomend him to anyone! Thanks kirk!

Kirk is a great musician and teacher. My 9 year old has been taking lessons since July, she enjoys each week and Kirk teaches with kindness and patience. This positive environment is a great way to learn an instrument.

My son has been taking lessons for almost a year, but we saw/heard huge progress in his ability and passion for playing within weeks! Ben enjoys that he can learn the style music he is interested in playing. Thanks Kirk!

Kirk Tatnall is an excellent guitar instructor. As a senior student , a bit older than Bruce Springsteen, I needed a very patient teacher that would help me learn to read music as well as instruct me on learning to play notes, chords, songs and the importance of timing the notes themselves and the space between notes. Kirk has been extremely helpful and considerate of my learning pace yet always upbeat and enthusiastic to teach guitar skills. In addition, Kirk is an accomplished , entertaining musician that I have had the opportunity to see perform at a local wine bar. I highly recommend Kirk to students of all ages and all levels.

Kirk is an awesome teacher!! He is so patient, and it is obvious he loves what he does. My 8 year old daughter is really enjoying learning the guitar. He picks pieces that are not only good for learning, but are also fun for her to play.

Before taking lessons with Kirk, I had tried to teach myself the electric guitar for a couple years. However, I soon realized that it was leading to a dead end so I decided to finally take lessons. After the first lesson with Kirk, I knew I was back on track and headed in the right direction. The first thing that Kirk asks you is what you want to learn, and then every lesson is catered towards that goal. Since I hope to write my own music one day, I pretty much wanted to start with the fundamentals. I've been there half a year now, and my playing has greatly improved, along with my guitar knowledge. I would highly recommend Kirk to anyone who is considering lessons, no matter what their skill level might be.

I have been playing guitar since LBJ was president. But I was locked-in to a rut in my playing so I hooked up with Kirk. He is a total pro. He is a killer player, technically adept but also lyrical and soulful. He is an awesome teacher who goes right to the core and can show/tell you what you are doing wrong, but also doing right. You never feel like you are asking a stupid question with the guy. His knowledge of music is encyclopedic. Plus he is a genuine, friendly, supportive and all around good guy.

My 13 year old son has been taking Bass guitar lessons from Kirk for about a year. Kirk has been a great teacher. He is patient and relaxed. He teaches my son from a book, but always includes music my son is interested in as part of the lesson as well, which is very motivating for my child. My son has progressed remarkably in a short time. I would highly recommend Kirk to other parents looking for a guitar or bass lessons for their child.

When I first started playing guitar, I began by taking lessons with Kirk in Menomonee Falls at The Academy of Music. While the practice space was small and cramped, I had a great time learning from Kirk--not only was he a phenomenal guitarist, but he was a great teacher as well. After a couple years, I took some time off from guitar to focus on other things. However, after playing in a band and wanting to add to the skills I had already established, I decided to take up lessons again--with Kirk, only this time at his own private studio. The space is plentiful, and his studio offers a comfortable atmosphere for students both young and old, from novice to experienced players, to grow as musicians. Kirk will help you focus on exactly what you need to based on what you wish to learn, and take you to a level of proficiency in those specific fields in a relatively short period of time. However, I can't stress enough, lessons alone will not help you become the guitar player you wish to be. It may be cliche, but never has an expression been more true than practice makes perfect. Overall, I have a great deal of respect for Kirk not only as an instructor, but simply as the cool guy that he is. You would not be disappointed.

As a beginner guitar player, I have been incredibly happy with Kirk as an instructor. He maintains a perfect balance between structured technique work and incorporation of fun activities based in music of my tastes. My skills are rapidly improving and the lessons and information make practicing a lot of fun. Kirk is laid back and very willing to entertain questions and ideas that come to mind during lessons. I would highly recommend him to any guitarist looking for an instructor.

Kirk is a great instructor. He is friendly, professional, and very patient. Teaches all skill levels, and is an extremely talented musician himself.

My 9 year old son has been taking lessons from Kirk for about a year now and he really likes it. Kirk is very patient and makes my son feel comfortable so he can relax, focus and play. I like Kirk's approach to his lessons and see that my son's interest and confidence have both been building throughout this process. We have even gone to see Kirk play with his band at certain events in Wauwatosa as well.

Ben G
My experience with Kirk has been a really good one, so far! He's a real fun teacher to have and is always very positive, calm and patient. In just two months, he has taught me the things I've been trying to learn by myself for about 7-8 years. Learning on your own is all good, but having someone guide you and teach you things you may have overlooked makes a HUGE difference. I look forward to continuing on with Kirk and learning much, much more! (and having fun in the process :)) Kirk's a good guy and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to play!

I have been taking lessons with Kirk for about 5 months now and my experience has been nothing short of exceptional. Before taking lessons with Kirk I had been "dabbling" with bass 4 years prior and have improved drastically since I started taking lessons. Kirk is an awesome teacher and has a great lesson plan that goes outside strictly teaching from the book. Along with learning all the music basics Kirk has helped me learn a bunch of songs and become an incredibly better bass player. I would definitely recommend taking lessons from Kirk.

I would consider myself a beginner guitar player, and in just a few weeks I have seen noticeable progress in my playing. Kirk provides a well structured approach to learning guitar while keeping the content centered around my musical interests. His welcoming personality created an environment conducive to consistent learning. I would highly recommend Kirk to anyone looking to learn guitar.

Kirk is an outstanding teacher for our child. Our son has special needs and Kirk has been wonderful to work with. He's always so pleasant, patient and encouraging. Kirk has that rare gift of being both a dedicated instructor and a world-class performer. He plays in several local bands and has a number of albums published on cd and on iTunes. In addition, Kirk authored several of the Hal Leonard Guitar Method instruction books. I can't speak highly enough about him. I'm so fortunate to have found his studio.

Kirk Tatnall is the greatest guitar instructor around! He is very patient with his students, while also being super fun and energetic. I have been a student of his for over six months now, and Kirk never fails to impress me. I have learned how to read music, play really fun songs, and understand the guitar itself. The best part about Kirk is that he centralizes the lessons around you, he picks songs you like, and teaches at your own pace so you get the best experience possible. Kirk Tatnall is the best guitar instructor you could have, and i would recommend him to anyone and everyone who wants to learn guitar.

As an advanced/professional musician, guitar player, and ex guitar teacher I stopped taking weekly lessons years ago. However, throughout the years I have consistently returned to Kirk to take lessons and get insight and inspiration when my playing needs a kick. In addition, I have referred many students to him over the years and will continue to do so. He is an excellent musician and teacher for all levels and an all around good guy. I can recommend him for any level of player. He will improve your playing and make the process fun.

I've played bass by ear for decades. Kirk has been helping me with theory and reading skills for the last several months. Kirk is very professional and tailors the lessons to what the student needs. I'd recommend him to anyone.

Kirk is an excellent teacher! He's extremely patient and encourages variety. I can work on picking, chords, workbook songs, and songs I've chosen to learn all in one lesson. His method of teaching is structured in some respects, but he also encourages you to play what you enjoy to keep you motivated. I would definitely recommend him to friends and family!

Kirk is an awesome teacher. I went to him for bass lessons, learned a ton and had a great time. He's really easy going, the nicest guy you could hope to meet, and an awesome teacher. If you're thinking about guitar, bass or baglama lessons, I would definitely go to Kirk.

After playing for 10 years, I realized I was just learning songs and wasn't progressing in my playing. Kirk introduced me to an elaborate array of guitar theory and after a few months I am already jamming along with my favorite songs. Kirk has been a great teacher, he's always positive, and takes the lessons in a direction to accomplish what you want to accomplish. I'll be taking lessons with Kirk for some time.

My 8 year old son I began taking guitar lessons with Kirk in January 2011. Since then I am continually impressed with his vast knowlege of the guitar, and in fact, just about everything about music. His level of patience is astounding, and his instructional method is just as impressive. At every lesson, Kirks attention to detail, and encouragement is amazing! I highly recommend Kirk Tatnall for guitar lessons. As an added bonus, his current location, located in the heart of Wauwatosa Village, is filled with things to do before and after the lesson.

Matthew ‎
I've been playing for many years and needed help getting to the next level. Kirk has been able to use the skills I already have to push me to get there. He always has something new for me to work on to challenge me. I've gotten farther in five lessons than in several years of YouTube lessons and DIY lesson books.

Matt ‎
I've been working with Kirk as a beginner for a couple of months now. He has been nothing but patient, supportive, and encouraging. I'm more excited about playing the guitar every time I leave a lesson. Kirk is a great teached and I HIGHLY recommend him for both beginner and advanced players.

I have known Kirk for a number of years. I used to go out to see him play, and always marveled at how his elevated play wowed the crowds. We now send our daughter to Kirk for lessons, and she absolutely loves it, and his caring ways with kids is a huge plus for us. Fantastic teacher. Do not hesitate to look any further, this is your man.

Lew ‎
Kirk is a great teacher. He is patient, resourceful, and encouraging. I am a beginner and I know that can be challenging. He is observant, proactive, and has helped me improve my technique. He knows how to play well and enjoys helping you to succeed. I would highly recommend him.

Kirk Tatnall is by far the best instructor I have ever learned from! He is extremly passionate about his music and his job! I would reccomend him to anyone! Thanks kirk!

catm ‎
Kirk is a wonderful guitar teacher. He is very patient and encouraging. He teaches my 15 year old daughter and always makes sure to incorporate some of the music she likes to help keep her motivated. We would highly recommend him!

karin ‎
Kirk is a fantastic guitar teacher! Our 10-year-old daughter was inspired by Taylor Swift and wanted to learn the guitar. Within 2 months of lessons, Kirk had incorporated Taylor Swift songs into her lessons...a masterful move to keep his young student interested and excited to play. Kirk is a great teacher and we will recommend him time and time again.

jlib77 ‎
Kirk is the best teacher in Milwaukee! He's very patient and enthusiastic which makes learning fun. I found Kirk by searching on-line - all of the positive feedback and reviews prompted me to set-up my first appointment and I'm very happy I did. He really knows his stuff, if you're a beginner or more advanced, Kirk is your guy!

Carving ‎
Kirk is a great teacher, he was the best private teacher I've had over the years. This guy knows his stuff and he will make sure you know it, too. Lessons are always fun and very enjoyable. If you're serious about learning an instrument or even just giving music a show, then Kirk is the guy to go to. From a former student and friend; Kirk is a great teacher.

qmd1527 ‎
Kirk is an excellent teacher and an amazing musician! For someone who is in their late 20's who was looking to take guitar lessons for the first time, I was concerned I would be looked at a little strange, but Kirk has always made me feel comfertable. Since I had some background in music via other instruments and had attempted to teach myself guitar in the past, Kirk was very accommodating in terms of moving quickly through the things I already knew while still allowing me to focus on the fundamentals I was clearly lacking. In addition to the normal exercieses, Kirk has a great ability to keep the learning fun by throwing in songs that I enjoy and that also help reinforce the concepts we are going over in class. I couldn't immagine a better all around teacher. He's also a really cool and easy going guy.

Joseph ‎
I've had a few different music teachers over the years and I have never enjoyed going to my lessons as much as I do with Kirk. He makes the lesson interesting while teaching me the techniques that I will need to use. It is a lot easier to understand what somebody is trying to teach when they are enthusiastic and really believe in what they are teaching. I think Kirk does a great job and I would recommend him to anybody.

Prakhar ‎
"Every song has its own story". That's what my friends said when we first saw Kirk play live. Kirk is an amazing teacher and a talented musician. I've been taking lessons from Kirk for over a month now, and I can notice my skills as a guitarist, and more importantly, as a musician improve.

David ‎
Kirk is very talented and a great teacher. He can cover the full range of styles. He can also go very deep into theory if you are interested! He also a great, easy going guy and very flexible with schedule. I would highly recommend him to players of all abilities.

Mr. Kirk Tatnall is the best music teacher I have ever had. He has helped me learn many songs by not only telling me how to play them, but by playing them first and side by side until I know it well enough to play it on my own. Recently he helped me learn a song for Solo and Ensemble in which I received a perfect score and went to a state championship. I enjoy going to weekly lessons and highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn guitar or bass. I have been playing bass for 2 years and in the past 6 months I have learned the most . If you are looking for a music teacher then look no further.

Clays Mom
Mr. Tatnall is very easy to work with concerning scheduling. He responds quickly to questions and scheduling issues, always in a positive manner. He puts out monthly e-mails to remind us parents of upcomming lessions and billings. It makes a world of difference when your child loves going to a lesson and benifits from it.

Erika ‎ - Sep 22, 2011
My husband and I both take guitar lessons from Kirk. Kirk is a wonderful instructor; he is patient, flexible and extremely talented. Kirk is very inspirational and naturally motivates his students to want to do their best. My husband had no musical training prior to taking lessons with Kirk, and I had several years of training on other instruments. Kirk is so adaptable to his students' needs and always makes you feel comfortable no matter what level you are at. Both my husband and I highly recommend Kirk - you will find no one better!!

Missy ‎ - Sep 19, 2011
Kirk Tatnall has been my son's guitar teacher for at least five years now. I couldn't imagine a better guitar mentor for him. Kirk is organized and timely and flexible, which a busy mom like me really appreciates. He is THE motivating factor in keeping my son playing. Kirk individualizes his instruction to fit the needs, ability level, and the interest of his students. Kirk challenges my son and makes him want to be a better player. As my son would say, "Kirk really rocks!" We both highly recommend Kirk as a master guitar teacher!

Albert ‎ - Aug 24, 2011
Kirk Tatnall is a first rate performer and teacher. He is patient as a teacher and a great inspiration as a performer. He teaches both how to read music and how to hear music. I highly recommend him to anyone who really wants to learn about music and the guitar

Blake ‎ - Jul 27, 2011
I have been taking bass guitar lessons with Kirk since the start of the summer and I have learned a lot. I like his teaching style and he is very nice. Since I own the same kind of bass that Paul McCartney used when he was in the Beatles, and I like their music, he has taught me the Beatle songs: Come Together, Taxman, Day Tripper, and we are now working on Oh Darling!. We both enjoy playing the songs and once I am good at playing it, he plays the guitar while I play bass, and we sound great! It's a lot of fun. My Dad says that it is very smart of him to teach me songs that I know and enjoy listening to as it make practicing fun. Over all Kirk is an excellent bass teacher. I highly recommend him. ‎ UPDATE: Since then, my high school jazz lab teacher is letting me borrow the schools upright bass so i can learn it and play in his class this fall. Kirk is helping me switch from a eletric bass guitar, to a acoustic, huge stand up bass. I feel prepared for my class this fall.

Rob ‎ - Jul 9, 2011
As someone who considers himself a " guitar geek," I can say without hesitation that Kirk Tatnall is the best guitar player I have ever seen. I took lessons with Kirk for 10 years, and it was because of those weekly appointments that my desire to learn about playing the guitar grew and continues to grow. There is literally NOTHING Kirk cannot play and, in turn, teach. Whether you want to learn to play jazz, country, funk, fusion, blues, or if you want to just plain rock - Kirk can teach it in a way that is accessible to players of all ability levels. If you are considering taking up the guitar, do not miss out on the chance to learn from this MASTER guitar player and instructor!

Pat ‎ - Jul 7, 2011
Kirk is a really nice guy and a very talented musician. I have been taking lessons from him for about 9 months now and in that time frame, he has been able to challenge my guitar playing ability and music theory while keeping it fun and exciting.

Andy ‎ - Jul 6, 2011
As someone who has been playing guitar for nearly 10 years, Kirk has been great at helping me learn advanced techniques and get rid of bad habits. The casual teaching environment makes it a fun and comfortable place to learn. I love that he embraces the use of new technology into his lessons.

Dan ‎ - Jul 5, 2011
Only by actually experiencing Kirk as an instructor, can you understand why no one has rated him less that 5 starts! I went from having absolutely no musical background, to playing bass in high school Jazz Band in under two years. Teaching anything from music theory to just goofing around with learning any song I wanted to. Taking lessons from Kirk was nothing but an outstanding experience. Highly recommended to anyone at any skill level!

sara ‎ - Jul 1, 2011
As an adult just starting to learn how to play the guitar for fun I felt a little funny at first. That feeling went away after a couple of lessons with Kirk. He made me feel very comfortable. He's very nice and knowledgeable and always willing to answer any questions.

nick ‎ - Jul 1, 2011
Kirk is the man. I used to suck at guitar but now i suck at guitar a little bit less. Lessons are affordable. He is a very skilled musician, I would recommend to anyone.

Jun 30, 2011
My 12 year old son has been taking guitar lessons with Kirk for a two and a half years now, and it has been a great experience. He has not only learned how to play songs on the guitar, he has learned the fundamentals of reading music in a broader sense. This kind of musical literacy is exactly the kind of teaching we wanted for our son just starting to learn an instrument. We couldn't be happier with the lessons, and Kirk's work with our son is greatly appreciated. Our son says, “Mr. Kirk is very nice, patient, smart, and a really good guitar player!” ‎

Justin D ‎ - Jun 30, 2011
A master guitar player, Kirk can teach you using the genre and songs of your choosing. You will be playing real songs from the first day. But for those of you with serious guitar ambitions don't worry there are real lessons to be had. Kirk has the ability to find valuable lessons in just about any piece of music and target your individual needs. Kirk has an amazing repertoire of musical knowledge but if you do manage to request a song he is not familiar with it normally only takes about 5min for him to have the main parts worked out, written down, and be teaching you how to play it. Once you learn the fundamentals you will be able to benefit from Kirks 17+ years of experience as a professional working guitarist. Kirk has the experience to not only teach you the technical skills of how to play guitar but also guide you through the artistry of mastering it. I have been taking lessons from Kirk for just over a year now. Despite working 2 jobs and having very little time to practice I am now at a point where I am working on more advanced material and concepts. Due to the lack of practice I may not be mastering the material but very little material is too difficult for me to approach anymore. This is a big improvement from a year ago when I only could play a handful of open chords.

Becky ‎ - Jun 6, 2011
My son has been taking guitar lessons with Kirk since last Fall. Kirk is a fantastic, patient teacher and my son looks forward to his weekly lessons. I would highly recommend Kirk to anyone who is interested in playing guitar.

Bob K ‎ - May 24, 2011
Kirk for anyone looking for guitar instruction. I have been taking lessons with Kirk for about 6 months now. Being an “old guy”, (41 actually) I thought maybe it was too late to learn how to play guitar. Working with Kirk has given me confidence and skills that I can actually make something that sounds like music and he taught me that I am not too old to rock! Kirk makes the lessons fun and tailors the musical selection to my tatste. I am using 2 of Kirk's books, “Open Chords” and “Power Chords”. Both books are well written and lessons have clearly improved my skills. The CD's that come with the boosk are also quite helpful.

Joel ‎ - Apr 27, 2011
I spent over four years taking lessons from Kirk Tatnall. His instruction was phenomenal! He always listened to my personal interests and goals. He taught me just what I wanted to learn, and more importantly what I needed in order to play properly. With his vast knowledge he was able to put in simple terms all of the complex theories and techniques I needed in order to understand what I was playing and how to play it the right way. Kirk's teaching has transformed my life and opened up so many doors to me... all through the simple six strings on the guitar.

Paul ‎ - Apr 27, 2011
Kirk really helped me get a exceptional grasp on guitar. His professional attitude towards teaching has made all the difference in my playing.

Melissa ‎ - Apr 26, 2011
Kirk gave lessons to my daughter for two years. He was very patient and knew how to motivate her to practice. She learned to read music which has now given her the upper hand in her first year of band.

Tim ‎ - Apr 22, 2011
Kirk was my bass instuctor for over a year. I hadn't touched an instrument in over 35 years and NEVER played bass. Kirk was patient with me and was always the consumate professional. After taking lessons with Kirk I was able to hook up with my first band. It was a lifelong dream of mine. I couldn't have hoped for a better instructor. Kirk is so knowledgable and easygoing. I continue to play and I don't ever hesitate to fire off the random question to Kirk. He's ALWAYS there for me.

Steve ‎ - Apr 22, 2011
Guitar Instruction with Kirk‎‎. I have been taking guitar lessons from Kirk for over three years. This is my absolute first experience learning a musical instrument. Kirk never made me feel intimidated by the instrument and is always encouraging. I look forward to my weekly lesson due to Kirk's patience, sense of humor, and the tapping of Kirk's all-around music knowledge. Kirk has taught me great ways to break the complex down into managable parts to aid my learning. Thanks to Kirk's instruction, I have a hobby I really enjoy and feel confident I can tackle any guitar playing challenge with Kirk as my music mentor.‎ I also recommend his books. I have used the Barre Cords and Power Cords books to bolster my learning and have found them very helpful.

Zipporjulie ‎ - Apr 20, 2011
Exceptional! Insightful! Highly Recommended Instruction! Kirk 's methods, means and the manor of his teaching style really lend to building and maintaining interest and desire to practice and learn. As a long time student off music and guitar I've worked with many great teachers who promoted skill, discipline and the ability to play like your heroes, but none compared to Kirks ability to give you the means to discover and establish an identity of your own as a musician. And it's all fun, doesn't even seem like work. Young or old novice or pro looking to advance I Highly Recommend the services of Kirk Tatnall! Most sincerely Nils Anderson

Keith - Apr 19, 2011
Kirk is a great teacher, and inspired me to play guitar years ago when I was in my early teens. Kirk succeeded in getting me going where others failed. Even though I had other lessons before with other people, it was Kirk's influence that really pushed me to play. I am happy to say I play professionally now & even have students of my own. Honestly it all started with Kirk and his addicting blues & melodic rock style, even though Kirk is a master at jazz & many other styles--it was the blues & rock that hooked me. Kirk has great patience & is easy to learn from. You can look for other instructors but you won't find a better teacher, player, or nicer guy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Keith E. from Milwaukee

pb4 ‎ - Apr 18, 2011
my son has taken lessons for almost a year and is very comfortable with Kirk. We are very happy with our sons progress with Kirk's guidance.

Genny - Apr 06, 2011
I started guitar lessons with Kirk on Thursday, May 23, 2002. He is a wonderful teacher and with his patient instruction I have been able to play not just songs with notes and chords, but also with fingerpicking, which is my favorite way of playing. Kirk has helped me to grow not just as guitar player, but a person, and I would highly recommend him as a teacher! Thank you, Kirk for helping me bring musical inspiration into my life! Genelle M.-4-6-2011.

Sizzler111 ‎ - Mar 10, 2011
I've been taking lessons from Kirk for 8 months and he has really helped me develop control on the guitar. Being new to the instrument, Kirk's lessons go at a pace that is good for me and I never feel intimidated if I don't understand something right away. I can always talk to him about my favorite bands and he writes tabs for their songs so I can play them. He is an excellent teacher and I would recommend taking lessons from him if you're just starting out and even if you've been playing a long time.

John - Mar 9, 2011
I would highly recommend Kirk as a guitar instructor. He is patient with his students, which makes the setting extremely comfortable and fun. His knowledge, experience shows in his approach to teaching. FIVE STARS!!!!!

ShannonRD ‎ - Feb 11, 2011
I had lessons for 5 years with Kirk. He was absolutely awesome! I highly recommend him to everybody interested in learning how to play guitar. He is amazing. I remember bringing in songs and he would be able to write down the tabs in minutes. Kirk has an ear for music that is hard to find. Take this rarity and use it to your advantage....learn to play guitar from Kirk! This is coming from someone almost 15 years after my first lesson! Shannon

Charissa ‎ - Jan 31, 2011
Kirk is an awesome instructor with a lot of knowledge and experience! His lessons are very laid back which makes them really fun and exciting. I've had a great time learning the guitar and I would recommend him to anyone! - Charissa

Justin ‎ - Jan 26, 2011
Kirk is a fantastic guitar teacher. concepts are easy to grasp and allows room for you to bring ideas you want to try out. He also does a great job teaching techniques and some of the more technical aspects behind the music of the guitar. A highly recommended teacher thanks for everything Kirk!

Nathaniel ‎ - Jan 10, 2011
Kirk's lessons are enjoyable and effective. He explains new concepts in an understandable way for me! Thanks Kirk!

acerocker@juno.com ‎ - Dec 21, 2010
"We would like to thank you for the great service and instruction to both of our boys over the years. Jacob and Daron really enjoyed having you as their instructor."

Oct 5, 2010
Kirk Tatnall is an excellent teacher of guitar. As a middle-aged adult taking guitar lessons from him for several years, I have been impressed with his expertise (original scores and arrangements, two books published with Hal Leonard, Open Chords And Power Chords, which we are currently using in our lesson), artistry, patience and sense of humor. He often customizes my lessons (burning CD's with drum and bass accompaniments and hand-writing rifts for me to practice). I always look forward to going to my lesson and would highly recommend Kirk to anyone, young or old, interested in learning guitar.‎

Oct 4, 2010
kirk is a great teacher My son has taken guitar lessons from Kirk for about 1 1/2 years. He's made steady, and often remarkable, progress on his instrument. He currently writes music and is constantly trying to stretch himself with Kirk's encouragement. I really like the way Kirk takes the students' interests and works on things the person really wants to learn to do. He is very open and willing to help and has been very accomodating with scheduling for my busy teen. He's so musically oriented, it's not just about technique, but about getting into the music. His web site is also very easy to use and helpful.‎

Sep 26, 2010
Kirk is a great teacher.Has a large library of songs and is always willing to answer your questions‎

Sep 22, 2010
At first I was nervous about my guitar lessons since I hadn't touched my guitar since 7th grade and my old guitar I let gather dust but Kirk made it very comfortable. I now am starting my second and third book and keep progressing which is good because of my lack of rhythm. Kirk is very patient with me and I appreciate it and continue to take lessons and continue to enjoy them.‎

Sep 20, 2010
I have been taking lessons from Kirk for almost the whole time he has been teaching. He was recommended to me by Steve Peplin, another accomplished player and teacher in the area. Steve decided to go on to fruther his music education and left me with Kirk. I was VERY lucky. There is ALWAYS something to learn and he has a fantastic way of teaching. He keeps your attention, by mixing in theory and the music I am interested in. He always has been great at working out schedules for both of us and communicating in case of unexpected scheduling issues. My son started taking Guitar lessons from Kirk when he was 4 and 1/2. He is now 19, and although he switched to Trumpet in Middle School, he still credits Kirk for his formal start in music. He is now in his second year at UWM and is in the pep band as well as a ciricular band. Kirk and I are both proud of his success and the fun he has with music! Aside from Kirks teaching talents he is one of the best guitar players in Milwaukee. Even if you don't take lessons from him be sure to go and see him play. You won't be dissapointed in his playing or teaching.

Aug 26, 2010
Kirk was highly recommened to us by a family member, whom is also a personal friend of Kirk's. Everything we were told regarding Kirk as a teacher and as a person is indeed very true. He has taught my son for 2+ years and he had become more than just a music teacher. My son always looked forward to going to lessons and just talking to Kirk about his music or anything that came to mind in that short 1/2 hour lesson. He has learned a lot of valuable lessons from Kirk these past couple years. Kirk's knowledge and experience within the music field, his easy going ways of teaching, and throwing some fun into the mix, makes for a great combination for anyone who would like to learn how to play the guitar. We would highly recommend him to anyone. You will not be disappointed. Pam T & Justin F. Germantown, WI‎

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