“Milwaukee electric guitar virtuoso Kirk Tatnall follows his wandering muse to a jazz trio format for his fourth album. Bassist John Price and drummer John Calarco energize the session through borderline fusion and hard bop to modal exploration and the kind of bluesiness that allows Tatnall to hike up the distortion to create a compelling skronk. Schizophrenic as that may seem, the players’ interaction and ability to let each member shine make this a cohesive, low-key triumph.” – Jamie Lee Rake, Shepherd Express (Cujitsu Review)

“The opening cut on Alpha Transit’s debut album begins with a wash of ascending, extendedly dark harmonies that plunge into a relentless space-funk groove. The entire album is a blast and offers a full plate to groove-minded and intent listeners alike. With styles ranging from the aforementioned funk to the Eastern European/jazz-flavored “F.A.F.” to the aptly bluesy “Another Fricken Blues,” the playing is tight and consistently intriguing. Milwaukee guitarist Kirk Tatnall adds his unique blend of styles to the lineup of Geoff Howard on bass, Adam Berzowski on keys and Tim Rush on drums. If you get a chance to see Alpha Transit play locally, jump on it. The show is sure to combine exceptional musicianship and a great vibe.” – Jason Seed, Shepherd Express (Alpha Transit Review)

“Tatnall’s ambient soundscapes unfold surprisingly well, complementing his effects-laden guitar solos instead of competing with them. At the record’s best, the B.P.M.s are sped up to jungle territory, leaving Tatnall’s overheated guitar racing to keep up, hastily churning out layer after layer of trippy sound.” – Evan Rytlewski, Shepherd Express (Adventures in Guitronica)

“Tatnall’s playing is extremely fiery; at times he can sound like rock/fusion guru Allan Holdsworth, with long, lyrical lines of improvisation. Both are capable of incredible virtuosic soloing and when they switched bass lines it was hardly noticeable.” – Rick Tvedt, Rick’s Cafe Press (Jack Grassel, Kirk Tatnall concert review)

“I thought your track was tons of fun…your tone and attack is ferocious — which makes the whole thing a pretty thrilling ride.” – Michael Molenda, Chief Editor Guitar Player Magazine (Beastie 49, Adventures in Guitronica)

“Live at the Uptowner, a trio effort with fellow guitar player Kirk Tatnall and drummer Ernie Adams, showcases the liquid interplay between Grassel and Tatnall on melodies whose deceptive ease belies their complex structure. Both Grassel and Tatnall play the Superax, an instrument that combines guitar with bass.” Dave Luhrssen (Live at The Uptowner)

“This device is exclusive to him and Kirk, mainly because it’s so difficult to play and hasn’t been marketed much. What’s so amazing about it, you might ask? The device enables the musician to play both guitar and bass simultaneously. In fact, Jack and Kirk have become so proficient at it that they’re able to improvise melody, bass, and chord rhythm simultaneously. Adding a drummer to this fine duo, one can only imagine the fullness of sound that’s obtainable in a live setting.” (Modern Guitars Magazine)

“The opening track, “Jade Castles”, sets the mood with a floating rhythm figure underneath some energetic and free soloing by both players.  “Song For Bill”, and “Mom and Dad’s Blues” offer a traditional swing rhythm moving beneath modern boppish single lines showcasing the technical ability of both guitarists. Adams is a fine drummer who provides solid support throughout the session. “Bossa Mama” is a nice uptempo Latin selection. The closing track titled “Noctilucent Vectors” shows the trio’s true enjoyment of working together.” Just Jazz Guitar Magazine (Live at The Uptowner)

OUTSTANDING!!! by 13Mikko13

I don’t like to listen to this cd anymore, because it makes feel like giving up guitar… These guys are too good (itunes Alpha Transit Review)