One on One Video Lessons

As a private guitar teacher of nearly 30 years I must admit I was initially reluctant to give lessons via video.

However, as the need arose I came to realize that there are many HUGE ADVANTAGES to taking one on one private guitar lessons in the video format. 

  • You get the same elite personalized instruction tailored exactly to your needs as a student.  A real-time instructor/coach who can assess where you are at with the guitar and provide a plan to get you where you want to go!  Prerecorded instructional videos just can’t compare with a live teacher responding to your needs.

  • Because of the format there is simply no easier and safer way to take a private guitar lesson.

  • Discover the convenience of eliminating travel time and parking.  Save 30 to 60 minutes of your day spent getting to a standard half hour guitar lesson. 

  • Play along with your teacher while simultaneously hearing the actual song you are working on or drum beats streamed to you over the internet exactly like you would in person.  We’ll adjust the tempo to exactly what is right for you.

  • Enjoy custom, personalized practice videos created just for you during our lesson that pinpoint exactly what you are working on.  Use YouTube's built in controls to adjust the speed to your needs.  Having the ability to play along with your teacher anytime you want to practice is a powerful asset.  Check out a few examples below!  These were created specifically for individual students needs.  
  • If you are a parent it it very easy to observe your child’s lesson while eliminating a place you have to drive them to.  Save lots of time and stress.

  • With a solid internet connection you can take your lesson anywhere.  Great for students who travel on business!

  • Instant access to teaching materials during lessons.  PDF files are often shared via email or links.  Custom materials or special instructions written on pre existing music are created on a tablet and sent immediately.  And they eliminate physical printing!


What do actual students and parents have to say about video lessons?

"Our son has been taking virtual lessons with Kirk since May and we can’t say enough good things about it. He looks forward excitedly to each lesson and is energized and motivated afterward, wanting to practice constantly to milk as much progress as possible out of each one. We were initially skeptical about virtual lessons but it hasn’t been an impediment at all. Highly recommend!"

"Great experience! Kirk is a patient and sympathetic teacher who helps you to improve your skills. I'm from Spain and he gave me some lessons on skype to get better vibrato and rhythm sections."

"Kirk is the best guitar teacher I've ever had! He was recommended to me by my guitar guru friend, Jack Grassel, for his excellent online teaching skills. I am very honored to now be one of Kirk's students. Jack calls him "one of the best guitar players in world". Jack would know about that. All I know is that he is a nice guy and a very prepared & conscientious instructor. I am learning about the electric guitar and music like never before."

"Kirk is great! We had inherited an electric guitar that my 11 year old son had shown an interest in learning to play but no one in our family knew how to teach him. A friend of mine recommended Kirk from lessons he took as an adult. I signed my son up for a month of Kirk’s virtual guitar lessons as a Christmas gift. At the end of that month, I ask my son if he wanted to keep going and his response was, ”Heck yes!” 6 months later, I’m still getting the same response!
Kirk is so patient and knowledgeable. He’s done a great job at catering the lessons to my son’s pace and ability. I am amazed at how much my son has picked up in less than 6 month of lessons. My son even felt comfortable enough to preform a little something with his school’s talent show.
As far as the virtual lessons go, it’s REALLY convenient for a family juggling multiple kid activities. We don’t have to worry about taking time to pack up his guitar and rush off to drive to the lessons. We just set up a laptop and he just plays where he practices. I really don’t think my son is missing anything (except maybe stress, lol) by not being in person with this method. It even gives me a chance to sit in on the video call after dinner is cleaned up and just listen to them play.
My son and I would highly recommend Kirk to anyone looking to learn to play the guitar at any age!"

"This past September, due to pandemic, I signed my son up with Kirk after researching for a guitar instructor who would be a very effective and excellent virtual teacher. Kirk delivered! My son loves his lesson times with Kirk so much that he would routinely carve out time DAILY on his own to practice and strum on his guitar WITHOUT me telling him to because he enjoys it so much. That's successful teaching in my opinion! My son feels Kirk connects, understands, and is patient with him...and it's not always easy to understand "teenagers" if you know what I mean.
After 8 months of lessons, my son has started to take part in the church worship team as a backup guitarist - it's a small church, but still, that's what Kirk did, built up his confidence and love for guitaring! I would definitely recommend Kirk to anyone asking. He's patient, kind, and understands his students, bringing out the best in them! A+!!"