How to Play Blues Bass in 14 Days!

How to Play Blues Bass in 14 Days!

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How to Play Blues Bass in 14 Days: A Daily Bass Guitar Lesson Book for Beginners – with free audio downloads or streaming – is presented in an easy-to-follow format to help you learn to play blues bass guitar quickly.

If you're looking for the best blues bass guitar book for beginners, look no further! Seasoned author, educator, and professional musician Kirk Tatnall has written an easy-to-follow beginning bass guitar instructional book methodically designed to teach you all the essential rhythms, scales, and techniques you’ll need to start playing your favorite songs!

Teach yourself to play blues bass guitar with this jam-packed bass guitar instruction book with tons of fundamental blues bass guitar skills and exercises.

You’ll learn:

  • The Blues Scale
  • Walking Bass Lines
  • The 12-Bar Blues Form
  • Classic Blues Turnarounds
  • Uptown Blues Patterns
  • Downtown Blues Patterns
  • Moveable Scales for All Keys
  • The Mixolydian Scale
  • Bass Riffs and Fills
  • And Much More!

Read it! Hear it! Play it!

Music examples are presented in easy-to-read bass tab so even beginner bassists can easily understand and play the music! This practical, step-by-step bass guitar guide includes quick-and-easy access to audio tracks via download or streaming—right from No signup required! Over 100 play-along tracks for this blues bass guitar book are included!

This is the perfect first bass guitar method book and bass guitar theory book for beginners. All music examples are presented in easy-to-follow tab. So, as new bass concepts are introduced, you’ll be able to quickly apply them to your bass! It's the ultimate way to learn bass!