Audio Mastering


Whether you are making full length CDs, demos to book gigs, or MP3s for the internet, your music needs to jump out of the speakers, grab peoples attention, and sound as good as the pros. Bring your recordings up to a professional level.

I do not have a multi thousand dollar mastering suite full of the greatest analog gear.  What I do have is a laptop, ears, opinions, the experience of having done many recordings, and knowing what I like.  I have not mastered a Madonna CD yet, but I don’t charge like it either!  Please have a listen and let me know if I can help you.

Before and after mastering clips…

Recalcitrant (reggae/rock)

Quinn Scharber (rock/pop)

John Price (Jazz)

Monk-bms – The Fallacy (rap, hip-hop)

Peggy James (Jim Eanelli) – Joan of Arc (Rock, Roots, Country)

The Dirty Boogie (cover band demo)

Donny Jirschele and Left on Sunset (two rock/pop bands in one demo reel )

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